Tips on how to lay beautiful lawn turf

The lawn that you have can greatly affect the overall appearance of your property. Aside from it increases its aesthetic value, it also adds up to its market value. But then, this depends on how you maintain your lawn.

So, what makes a great lawn that can make everyone envy of? With this, you should consider turf laying services. It is true that turf is slightly more expensive than grass seeds, but their benefits are certainly more. Indeed, it is something that is worth the investment.

Laying lawn turf

If your front lawn is not as rich as you would like it to be, then turf can come in handy. You also won’t have to worry about the installation as well as the maintenance because both are quite easy. This is the main reason why turfing has become immensely popular among homeowners who are aiming to improve their properties. You can also avail of turf laying services to make the task a lot easier. With the help of professionals, you can be sure that you will have beautiful lawn turf installed.

Also, here are some easy tips on turfing your front yard:

Right timing

ytr543It is worth noting that turfing cannot be done all year round, and so, you have the pick the perfect time. It is highly recommended that you do it during mid-autumn or the beginning of the spring season as these are the times when there is abundant rainfall. Keep in mind that moisture is very important because it can help the grass have strong roots. With long-lasting roots, you can be confident that your lawn turf will be able to stand the cold season or the harsh weather.

Prepare the area

It was mentioned earlier that turfing is a lot easier to do than sowing grass seeds. But this does not mean that you no longer have to work hard on it. First and foremost, you still have to prepare the area and you have to do this thoroughly. It is crucial that you eliminate all the weeds that are present in the area. After that, you need to dig your patch down. You can do this up to 25 cm. Furthermore, it is advisable that you utilize organic materials to help improve the soil. Lastly, you have to level the ground and spread fertilizer.

Lay the turves

398ytrOnce the ground is ready, it is now time to lay the turves. In this step, it is essential that everything fits in properly just as you would when working on a jigsaw puzzle. Once you are done laying the turves down, you can start removing the excess.